Translation, editing & reviewing services of mainly medical & pharmaceutical documents and, to a lesser volume, of technical and IT documents.

Medical and pharmaceutical translations are now representing more than 80% of my workload.

1. Medical & pharmaceutical translations

Translation of clinical research documents, informed consent forms, product profiles, SPCs, marketing research material, medical questionnaires, articles, regulatory organisations’ documents and user manuals for medical devices.

I particularly have a strong experience in the following fields:
carrevert Pharmacology
carrevert Pharmacovigilance
carrevert Oncology
carrevert Immunotherapy
carrevert Rare diseases
carrevert Endocrinology
carrevert Diabetology
carrevert Gynaecology

2. Technical translations

As for technical translation, I mainly worked in the following domains:
carrevert¬†Agricultural machines: operators’ manuals and maintenance manuals
carrevert Electronics: newsletters for a manufacturer of printed circuit design software
carrevert IT: e-learning material (router, security and network infrastructures)
carrevert Sports: user manuals for diving equipment and heart rate monitors
carrevert Cooking: recipes and product profiles for cooking devices

I also would like to develop my activity in the following fields in which I am personnally interested: ecology, fair trade, sustainable development, human rights, children’s rights, positive parenting, alternative medicines, and yoga. This would allow me to combine my personal interests to my job.